Floating and fixed fountains

Floating or fixed fountains have added extra appeal to ponds in cities, parks and private gardens for centuries. Not only do they make for a highly attractive sight, they also contribute to improving water quality.


Ponds with fountains in private gardens, municipal parks or squares, are true eye-catchers for all passers-by. Models vary from pond pumps with small fountains in gardens of pond enthusiasts, up to massive and elegantly large fountains that achieve great heights. Even at night, fountains can look marvellously if the right illumination is applied.

Floating or fixed fountain in a pond or park?

Floating fountains or fixed fountains are often installed in larger ponds, while the depth of the pond determines the choice for a floating or fixed set-up. A floating fountain is often selected for ponds without stable water levels. As the fountain floats on the water, the water level is of less importance. By anchoring the fountain, it remains in place. It goes without saying that floating fountains do require a sufficient water level to remain operational.

Fixed fountains are mostly used in ponds with stable water levels. For both types, it is important that they can be conveniently reached for maintenance purposes.

Which types of floating and fixed fountains does AUGA offer?

The AUGA portfolio consists of plug-and-play floating fountains and fixed fountains and project engineering, as well as tailored systems that meet every request you might have. LED fountain lighting, white, warm white or with multi-colour RGB colours, extend the joy a fountain offers during the night. We also have a large selection of fountain installations and fountain nozzles available and are happy to advise you!

Applications Floating and fixed fountains

  • Fixed fountains
  • Floating fountains
  • Aeration fountains
  • City fountains
  • Illuminated fountains
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