multiple chamber polyester

Biological / mechanical polyester multi chamber filters

Biological / mechanical polyester multi chamber filters are still one of the best and most efficient methods to realize clear water. This new generation of professional multi chamber filter systems for natural clear water are suitable for small to medium (swimming) ponds and ponds with a large fish stock. They are built very efficiently and logically mechanically and biologically.

Het klassieke filterprincipe is eenvoudig maar zeer efficiënt, omdat mechanische en biologische zuivering in 1 systeem zijn samengebracht. Het onderhoud bestaat uit periodiek openen van de vuilaftapkranen en reinigen van de filterborstels.

Unpurified pond water

unpurified pond water reaches the first chamber and flows in upflow to the next chamber, the water being purified again and again by the different filter materials.

The Upflow principle means that water is pushed up through each room, dirt remains in the settling chamber, which can be individually relieved with the waste tap. The different filter processes ensure excellent water purification.

As an extension to extend cleaning intervals of the filter system, a Vortex pre-filter can be coupled. This can be filled with honeycomb as an extra filter material.

  • 3, 4 or 5 chambers with filter filling
  • Dirt valves for each chamber
  • Cover
  • Polyester
  • Gravity and pump-fed configuration
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