VarioFlow Inline pond pump

The VarioFlow®INLINE pond pump is a built-in pump that is built between a straight pipe and can be mounted in any position

The VarioFlow® INLINE series offers enormous installation comfort when installing in filter pits, because it can be built anywhere between a straight pipe, with the only condition that the pump is mounted below the water level.

The highly efficient PM motor is technically the same as the VarioFlow® pumps and fully adjustable in capacity and power consumption, with which the capacity requirement can be tailored to the situation and the season.

VarioFlow® INLINE pumps are suitable for both dry installation and underwater use.



VarioFlow® INLINE 8          (8,300 liters)

VarioFlow® INLINE 16         (15,600 liters)

  • Direct installation between straight pipes
  • Fully stepless adjustable PM motor
  • 6-pole motor, efficient and very quiet
  • Built-in micro-chip temperature / dry running protection
  • VarioControll panel for exact capacity adjustment, suitable for outdoor installation
  • Energy efficient
  • Power consumption and configured percentage can be read digitally
  • Easy disassembly for maintenance
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Suitable for dry and wet installation