Angling clubs (fishing clubs)

Healthy water, healthy fish!

As an angling club you’re only looking for two things: a great fish population and happy members.

Many fishing ponds are intensively managed and fished. Recreational fishers have an interest in a healthy fish population. Disappointing catches, less healthy fish or even fish kill due to a lack of water quality are problems that lead to unhappy members.

Problems with a decreasing water quality unfortunately are on the rise. Causes include blue-green algae, odour nuisance, mosquito infestations and excessive presence of other algae. Climate change is certainly one of the reasons for it.

One solution often used by angling clubs is to add new fish to their fishing pond or lake each year. This however might have disastrous consequences if more fish is added than the water body can support. We have a different kind of solution!

A simple solution

AUGA has the ideal solution: floating propeller pumps. These compact machines are highly energy-efficient and able to both move and aerate large water bodies. They are easy to position and plug and play solutions.

Mixing and aerating fishing ponds has a positive effect on both the fish population and the catches. The health of fishes improves and catches increase. Our systems maintain the water quality year-round, without being operational all the time. This provides you with a structural solution for persistent problems at minimum costs.

Proven in practical environments

Fishing clubs, municipalities and water authorities which have used our products for years, are enthusiastic about our propeller pumps. The initial release of this product was preceded by long-term testing by the Dutch Sport Fishing Association.

Read the story of how Hardenberg’s urban ponds were tackled here.


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  • Moving and aerating large volumes of water

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