Municipalities and water authorities

Ensure that public waters are not hindered by blue-green algae, odor nuisance or large-scale fish killing.

These problems occur more frequently, in part because of our changing climate. Long warm periods or short bursts of exceptional amounts of rain may cause trouble, just as a lack of proper maintenance of city ponds, canals and recreational lakes. Looking for a solution? Good news: we’ve got them.

Are you combatting calamities or opting for a sustainable solution?

Public services are called upon during calamities. For instance during massive fish kill caused by an unexpected lack of oxygen in a lake. Unfortunately, by the time the source is identified, the bad news has already happened. The same applies to blue-green algae: recreational lakes are regularly subjected to being temporarily closed, but isn’t it better to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place?

Preventing the problem is the solution

These problems can be solved by preventing them from occurring, which is more pleasant and economical for everyone involved. The resilience of any pond is strongly increased by ensuring a constant water flow and oxygenating the water.

Flowing and aerated water is of crucial importance for improving the water quality, it contributes to an improved biological degradation of organic substances in the water and improves oxygen management.

AUGA manufactures special aerators and mixers for these purposes. These propeller pumps either float on the water or are mounted to a fixed point. They use little energy to both aerate large bodies of water and keep the water moving.

Most often, the permanently installed equipment can be switched off during winter and switched back on in spring. This creates a balance between maintaining water quality and preventing calamities, while limiting year-round energy consumption. In short, it’s a perfect solution!

Readily available at AUGA

No complex machinery, but compact energy-efficient power aggregates that are easy to install. These solutions are available with many different capacities and always in stock.

  • Calamity support for algae infestations, odour nuisance and fish kill
  • Improving oxygen management
  • Balance water quality

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