Industry, greenhouses and fish hatchery

Water is the new gold!

Water is precious. The need for clean water continues to increase, and so does the lack of it. We must treat the ground water we have carefully. AUGA understands this like no other.

Save water by re-using it, and profit from the circular economy

Re-using residual water and improving the quality of storage water saves vast amounts of water. This is exactly the objective we set out to attain; sustainable management of natural resources and save costs while we’re at it: that’s a win-win situation.

A single system for mixing and aerating water

We are specialised in manufacturing compact mixing and aerator systems. This enables us to aerate and mix storage water in tanks, basins and open water bodies. It measurably improves water quality, prevents algae formation and improves the biological degradation of organic substances. This all contributes to your ability to re-use your water.

In the greenhouse industry, water is being intensively used for irrigation while our systems ensure that no algae form in storage water. This contributes to the further optimisation of your company processes.

Standard or custom-made

AUGA has an in-house serial production of both stationary and floating versions. We deliver both off-the-shelf and custom-made systems to our clients. We can provide you with solutions that are entirely tailored to your individual needs. That is the added value of AUGA!

  • Save water by reusing residual water
  • Improve the quality of storage water
  • Avoid algae formation
  • One system for both aerating and mixing
  • Standard or tailored solutions

Want to learn what AUGA can do for Industry, greenhouses and fish hatchery ?

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