Pond fountains

Fountains have added extra appeal to ponds in cities, parks and private gardens for centuries. Not only do they make for a highly attractive sight, they also contribute to improving water quality.

A pond fountain gives atmosphere

Ponds with fountains in private gardens, municipal parks or squares, are true eye-catchers for all passers-by. Models vary from pond pumps with small fountains in gardens of pond enthusiasts, up to massive and elegantly large fountains that achieve great heights. Even at night, fountains can look marvellously if the right illumination is applied.

Floating or fixed fountain in a pond or park?

AUGA has a wide range of floating and fixed fountains, which are often chosen for the larger ponds. The depth of the pond is decisive when choosing a floating or fixed fountain.

Floating Pond Fountain

A floating fountain is often used in waters or ponds where the water level is not stable. Because the fountain floats on the water, the water level is less important. Anchoring then keeps the floating fountain in place. However, there must be enough water in the pond to keep the floating fountain working!

Fixed fountain in pond

Fixed fountains are mainly placed in shallow water features on a very stable bottom. The fountain sets are equipped with a large suction strainer, so that the pump and fountain head do not get dirty quickly.

Dynamic fountains

Beautiful water decor of ever changing fountain sculptures, you realize with dynamic fountains.

Water fountain with lighting and sprinkler as desired

The AUGA program includes “plug & play” floating fountains and fixed fountains. We also supply project technology, consisting of custom-made systems, entirely in accordance with your wishes. For example, opt for LED fountain lighting, in white or Multi-Color RGB colors, to extend the pleasure of a fountain into the evening hours. The choice of fountain nozzles is also large, we are happy to advise you!

AUGA: specialist in pond fountains

Do you need advice about pond fountains or do you want to know which fountain best suits your project? We like to think along with you. Please feel free to contact us.






Applications Pond fountains

  • Fixed fountains
  • Floating fountains
  • Aeration fountains
  • City fountains
  • Illuminated fountains
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