Garden & Landscape Architects

As a garden or landscape architect, you create natural environments, fully tailored to the wishes of your customer and your own vision. Customers rely on your skills and expertise. And they ought to, you’re the expert after all.

Water in a garden? Of course!

Many garden layouts includes a water component. For instance with a serene ornament, a biologically purified swimming pond or even a wadi, which does not only buffer rain water but can also be made to look aesthetically pleasing. And that’s wonderful, as water – the symbol of life since ancient times – enriches every single landscape.

You create emotion, but what about technology?

Water is a wonderful element, whether it’s stagnant, streaming or slowly ripples onwards. Whatever you create, it always needs technology. After all, without the filter the water doesn’t stay clean and without a pump it won’t be moving. Pipework and fittings must be installed beforehand and correctly. If this isn’t part of your design, it’s virtually impossible to correct it afterwards. But don’t worry, we can support you with all technical affairs.

To each his own

AUGA is your partner in water technology. If we’re involved in the early stages of a design, we can jointly create a water structure that’s a success both aesthetically and technically. Together, we ensure a stunning end result and satisfied customers.

  • Together we create aesthetically and technically perfect water structures

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