Energy-efficient pond pumps

The pump is the beating heart of every pond, and without it, everything stops moving. Active day and night, under all kinds or circumstances and performing non-stop while consuming very little energy. An excellent pond pump can do all that.

A dry-mount or submersible pond pump set-up

Although many pumps are still placed inside the pond, opting for external placement in a filter pit is rapidly becoming more popular. Not only does it look better, maintenance becomes more convenient and for swimming ponds, it’s even legally required.

These pits are dug into the ground, as the water needs to stream towards the pump and any installed filters. No technology is visible to the eye, which makes the pond look even prettier. Our pond pumps are all suitable both under water and outside of it, offering you great flexibility in the set-up you desire.

Filter pump

A filter pump transports dirty water to a filter system. This is why filter pumps are equipped with an open impeller that pump up the dirt particles without clogging the pump. They are also equipped with a large casing with many openings that allow dirt to pass through, while blocking the entrance for fish.

If the pump is placed in a dry mount pond pump set-up, a strainer basket is placed on the wall bushing that guides the water to the pump through a feed pipe.

Filter pumps are operational day and night, inclining many people to choose a pump that is both reliable and energy-efficient. After all, power consumption can be a significant cost component of your pond. An adjustable pump allows you to save even more money on your energy bill, as you adjust the capacity to the needs of the seasons. During the cold seasons, they have a lot less to do than during those hot summer days.

Defining which pump is perfect for your situation entirely depends on the type of pond you have (for instance: an ornament pond, a koi pond or a swimming pond), the filter you choose and the water volume your pond contains. We strongly recommend obtaining proper advise from a pond expert for both the pump and the filter.

Fountain pump

The role of a fountain pump in a pond is completely different from a filter pump. A fountain pump is a clean water pump with much more pressure, aimed at achieving the desired fountain height. The casing or strainer basket of the pump has small openings, to prevent the pump and fountain nozzle from being clogged.

Waterfall pump

Waterfalls can be built in many different shapes. Naturally shaped watercourses, more formal waterfall trays, wide ones, small ones and high ones.

A pressure filter is often installed between the pump and the waterfall, so that one pump has a double function. This does require the pump to remain operational to prevent the filtration process from being disturbed, which means the waterfall continues too.

A waterfall requires quite some water volume, while the water must also be elevated to the top of the waterfall and stream through a pond filter. This often requires a larger model of filter pump, the capacity of which can be adjusted to exactly balance the right amount of water it processes.

Choose your own capacity and energy consumption

Our adjustable pumps are equipped with highly efficient motors, with a very low standard energy consumption. Using the controller included with the pump, allows you to save even more on your utilities bill by modifying the capacity at will. Our selection table for pond pumps will help you determine which pump you need!

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