Leisure industry

Relaxed guests are happy guests. Satisfied guests, that’s your core mission. They determine if your company is up to their standards and whether they want to return. You and your team ensure they have a perfect stay! Everything in their surrounding contributes to their experience. And that includes the quality of your recreational lake or swimming pond, as this is where your guests truly get to relax.

Keep a tight grip on the quality of your water

Blue-green algae, a lack of oxygen, odour nuisance, mosquito infestations… unfortunately you’re not in the only industry that’s being confronted with the cumbersome consequences of stagnant water and climate change.

Long droughts without rain can cause serious trouble, while a lack of proper maintenance increase your chances of trouble too. Don’t worry though, all these problems can easily be prevented.

We have the solution

The water quality of a recreational lake improves when oxygen and flow are added. AUGA provides you with compact aeration- and flow pumps especially built for this purpose. They are available as floating devices, which are very easy to install and completely plug and play.

Using these machines, which are turned on early in the year, you ensure yourself of a great water quality. These pumps do their work at night, enabling your guests to swim and relax throughout the day.

Stagnant water becomes dynamic by installing a fountain

A fountain installation by itself is not enough to sufficiently improve the water quality of an entire water structure, but it surely helps! It also adds a wonderful visual and dynamic scenery, offering your guests even more joy from your water facilities.

Water inspires us

AUGA has been an expert in water engineering for over 35 years, and we still love what we do. We are your engineering partner for fountains, pumps, aerators and filter systems. We advise, install and deploy our own service team, to enable your company to stick to your core business.

A good example:

A swimming pond that looks like a naturally formed recreational lake: the splash pool

  • Oxygenation with aeration and flow pumps
  • For instance in water structures at golf courts
  • Also for ponds and water structures at holiday parks
  • And for public water, such as city ponds
  • With dynamic fountains creating a stunning view

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