Pond pumps

Pond pumps are necessary to keep your water flowing, circulating and to elevate it. Moving water is equal to oxygenated water, a basic requirement for every healthy pond.

Choosing the pond pump that’s right for you

While browsing online, you’ll find an abundant offering of pond pump types, due to the many applications for which they can be used. Pond pumps exist for water ornaments, watercourses and waterfalls. Other pumps can be placed either in or outside of the water with a dry mount pump set-up or a submersible pump set-up.

Creating high fountains and waterfalls requires a pump with a high head (delivery pressure). Pumps exist to process dirty water and pumps exist that exclusively transport clean water. Our premium brand Messner also offers titanium pumps that can operate as a sea water pump.

Great choice in pumps, but identical characterics

All AUGA and Messner pond pumps are characterised by their extreme energy-efficiency, long lifespan and extended warranty periods. Discover all specifications and models in our selection table for pond pumps.

Pond pump maintenance

Pond pumps work long hours, often night and day and in all kinds of weather conditions and circumstances. While they are built to last, they do need just a bit of maintenance every now and then.

Whatever pump type you use, they’re always equipped with a filter basket or a pre-filter that prevents larger particles from entering the pump and clogging the system. By cleaning these parts regularly, you prevent capacity reductions and help to keep your pump in perfect shape.

Maintaining is always better than repairing

Hard (calciferous) water can affect all pond pumps. The harder the water, the larger the chance that scaling will affect the interior of a pump. In addition to mineral accumulation, this scaling also causes reduced efficiency, increased energy consumption and more frequent defects. The interior (operating unit or rotor) can be easily extracted from your pump to be cleaned with a biodegradable descaling agent.

Applications Pond pumps

  • Fountains
  • Filter systems
  • Waterfalls
  • Watercourse
  • Ornaments
  • Water artworks
  • Calamities
  • Natural water projects
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