Pond filters

Pond filters make all the difference, as nature doesn’t always behave as we would prefer. Want to have clear pond water at all times? Supporting your pond with a pond filter is the most practical and effective way to accomplish it!

Mechanical or biological purification?

Any water structure can be kept clean of dirt with a mechanical pond filter system. This however does not take care of dissolved organic substances, which is done with biological processes: micro-organisms live on filter equipment, walls and plants, to form a biomass that feeds on these dissolved organic substances.

Biologic filtration is required for maintaining the eco-balance in the water for all life in your pond, and water plants greatly contribute to biological pond purification. Mechanical filtration is mostly applied in water structures without fishes or plants or as a pre-filter system for biological filtration systems.

Which types of pond filters does AUGA offer?

AUGA offers pressure filtersskimmersdrum filtersfilter materialsphosphate filtersUV-c equipment, filter pits and UV-c replacement lights.

Applications Pond filters

  • Swimming ponds
  • Fountain ponds
  • Koi ponds
  • Ornamental ponds
  • Reflecting ponds
  • Natural ponds
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