Pressure filters

Pressure filters are easy to operate, closed filter systems used in small to medium-sized ponds, in which the water can be transported upwards after the filter to, for example, a waterfall. The built-in UV-C clarifier keeps the pond clear of suspended algae. The filter package removes all dirt particles which are transported through the pump. The filter material can be periodically cleaned by hand with the practical, built-in cleaning system.Dirt is discharged with the flushing water to the sewer or the garden.

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VarioPress® pressure filter

VarioPress® is a closed filter system with a practical and simple cleaning system. Complete system for clear water.

VarioPress® Pro E pressure filter

VarioPress® Pro is a closed, compact pressure filter, cleaning is done by the electrically driven AUTO-CLEAN system. The built-in UV-c lamp can be set to burning hours as desired with ‘n built-in timer.

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