Pond construction materials

A properly constructed (swimming) pond shows harmony with its environment. No trail of technology can be observed if all equipment and technical components are installed at the right place and in the right way. This of course also requires using the right materials.

Which pond construction materials does AUGA offer?

AUGA offers an extensive portfolio of bottom and side drains, complete wall bushing systems, pond hoses and accessories, swivel joints, slide and ball valves and many more PVC installation materials.

We also have (automated) water replenishing systems available to maintain your water levels. If you’re looking for true convenience and all technical elements in a filter pit, we can either tailor a solution for you, or use one of our models from our own serial production.

Waterfalls add another great dimension to your pond. Our beautiful waterfall elements and trays help you to create it. Do you keep fish in your pond? Our automated fish feed machine saves you a lot of time.

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Applications Pond construction materials

  • Properly constructed, in harmony with the environment
  • Turnkey filter pit
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Whether you’re on a quest to build your own swimming pond or to install an air membrane pump. AUGA helps with everything!

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