Helophyte filtersystems

A helophyte filter is a plant filter that operates as a complete biological filter system and is used to purify swimming ponds. Water plants and bacteria form the biotope and purify the water with the help of filter material such as lava, substrate and zeolite a pump provides circulation.

There are two filtration principles: Up-flow helophyte filter and Down-flow helophyte filter.

Up-flow helophyte filter

Operation: Unfiltered water flows via the bottom drains and/or skimmers to the equipment pit and is then pumped at the bottom of the filter bed and flows through the filter back into the swimming pond. Any remaining dirt can be periodically pumped out via the dirt remover using a drainage pump. In this system floating contamination is collected in any skimmers installed and a pre-filter sieve filter, before it can reach the filter bed. The helophyte filter is burdened far less as a result.

Required materials Up-flow (Quantities, diameter and lengths vary per project):

A   Wall duct.
B   Grid with vegetation mat.
D   Clean lava or pond substrate.
D   Bio balls or Zeolite.
E    Emergency shaft.

Features of Up-flow filtration
• Excellent contamination management.
• Lower impact on the substrate bed.
• Lower maintenance frequency.
• Pre-filtration possible.
• Higher fitting costs.

Down-flow helophyte filter

Operation: Unfiltered water flows over the pond overflow into the helophyte filter and sinks. The pump in the equipment pit sucks up the purified water through a perforated drainage hose, which is connected to a drain collector and pumps the water back into the swimming pond. Dirt collects on the filter bed with the water flow and must be periodically removed.

Required materials Down-flow (Quantities, diameter and lengths vary per project):
A    Drain collector.
B    PE drainage pipe with sockets.
C    Bio balls or Zeolite.
D    Clean lava or pond substrate.
E     PVC pipe.
F     Wall ducts

Down-flow filtration features
• Lower technical cost.
• Higher maintenance frequency.
• More bottom contamination.
• Pre-filtration is not possible with this construction.

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