Air pumps

An air pump is indispensable in a pond. An air pump provides oxygen, which guarantees the well-being of fish, plants and other organisms in the pond. In addition, oxygen makes an important contribution to the bacterial culture in filter systems. And did you know that an air pump is also suitable as an ice-free container in a pond?

Air pump as ice-free preventer

An air pump or oxygen pump, for pond aeration in a pond, is important in both winter and summer. In winter, the rising air bubbles from the air pump ensure that a hole remains in the pond, through which harmful gases can escape from the pond. These harmful gases, which remain trapped under the ice cover when the ice cover is closed, are the main cause of death in fish and amphibians in winter. You can avoid this problem by installing an air pump.

Oxygen pump for the pond

But also in summer, at high temperatures, an air pump ensures that the water in the pond remains of good quality. The higher the temperature, the lower the oxygen content in the pond water. An air pump ensures that the pond remains supplied with oxygen in the summer.

A suitable air pump for every pond

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