Water aeration

The aeration and flow of water is of crucial importance for improving and maintaining water quality. It’s an indispensable aspect, whether for a public water structure, fishing water, storage water for greenhouses, privately owned ponds or industrial environments. Oxygenated water contributes to the biological process of breaking down organic substances in the water.

What types of aeration systems does AUGA offer?

AUGA manufactures aerators and mixers that optimise and maintain the water quality for various types of water applications. This significantly reduces the risks of algae formation, odour nuisance, oxygen deficiency, fish kill and stratification.

Aeration for privately owned ponds

Air membrane pumps greatly contribute to the welfare of fish and plants in privately owned ponds. Air stones are equipped with large amounts of pores during the production process, to create an airflow with tiny air bubbles.

The aerating fountains are another perfect solution to combat algae, foul-smelling water and fish kill.


Applications Water aeration

  • Storage water in greenhouse construction
  • Canal water
  • Recreational lakes
  • Fishing water
  • Public and private ponds
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