Water aeration

Aeration ensures top quality water

Aerating and moving water is crucial for improving water quality. By applying aeration you ensure that extra oxygen gets into the water. This is important, because oxygen-rich water contributes to the biological breakdown of organic substances in the water. Aeration is therefore indispensable to maintain good water quality. This applies to every water culture, whether it concerns pond aeration or the aeration of public water, fishing water, canal water, storage water for greenhouse construction or in industry.

Water or pond aeration? AUGA helps!

Aeration introduces oxygen into the water. Aeration can be done in different ways. AUGA offers various solutions for optimizing and maintaining water quality in a variety of waters. For example, we build aerators and mixers that significantly reduce the risk of algae formation, odor nuisance, lack of oxygen, fish mortality and stratification.

Aeration, also for privately owned ponds

You can also contact us for air pumps, air stones and aeration fountains. By aerating your (private) pond with an air diaphragm pump, you make a major contribution to the well-being of fish and plants. Due to the special production process, in which many extra pores are created, air stones provide an air flow with fine air bubbles.

Aerating fountains are the perfect solution to combat algae, foul-smelling water and prevent fish kills.

All in-house knowledge about pond aeration

Do you need advice about water aeration or pond aeration or do you want to know which solution best suits your project? We like to think along with you. Feel free to contact us.

Applications Water aeration

  • Storage water in greenhouse construction
  • Canal water
  • Recreational lakes
  • Fishing water
  • Public and private ponds
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