Keep your pond or basin ice-free? With floating mixers from AUGA!

Standing water can be a source of nuisance. Not only in rising temperatures, but also when it freezes! The solution is not complicated: by moving water you can keep a pond frost-free. How exactly does that work? We will explain that to you.

Stagnant water freezes quickly in winter, which is not always desirable. After all, industries must always be able to use their storage water for their production process. But water in retention ponds at business parks – which have been designated as a fire-fighting pond by the fire service – must also remain open in order to always be able to pump water quickly in the event of a fire.

AUGA floating mixers always keep ponds ice-free

Getting water in motion: that is exactly what our mixers do. The large propellers move an enormous amount of water over a great distance. A MegaFlow 150 silently moves about 3000 m3 of water per hour with only 1.5 kW motor power. Keeping a basin or pond frost-free does a MegaFlow “on its slippers.

Wondering how easily a MegaFlow does its job? Watch the video here.     

Stagnant water moves in every season

Of course, AUGA also has smaller mixers and aerators, which, in addition to mixing, enrich the water with oxygen in ponds and small lakes. These combis can be used practically all year round at all seasonal extremes.

If you want to read more about vitalizing water, view our brochure. 


Do you have questions about keeping a pond or basin frost-free, or another problem with water quality? Let us know, we are happy to help you.

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