Building a swimming pond

Creating your own water paradise in your own garden, it’s easier than you might expect! Relaxing and getting your blood streaming in your own, natural swimming pond is something more and more people aspire.

Swimming in a natural habitat

Our summers are becoming longer and hotter, and swimming in natural, living water is a healthy and refreshing experience, that doesn’t use a drop of chlorine.

How do we make it work?

A swimming pond is filtered by a plant filter, also called a helophyte filter, combined with a substrate bed. Specific water plants and substrate are selected to ensure an optimal, natural purification of the pond water, water that’s full of life. The only other thing you need, is a pond pump to ensure sufficient circulation.

The plant filter and circulation time must have a proper relation to the water volume in your swimming pond, to ensure sufficient purification capacity to maintain crystal clear water. Traditionally, a plant filter is situated within the swimming pond, but configurations with a separate purification pond are also becoming increasingly popular.

It’s all part of nature

By opting for a separate purification pond, your swimming pond is specifically reserved for that purpose and looks more sleek. You also gain a beautiful natural pond full of plants, which can be placed virtually anywhere in your garden.

An additional result of this set-up, is that birds, frogs and other animals living near the water choose to stay clear of your swimming pond. They will always prefer the plant zone as a comfortable habitat.

You determine the shape and size

Swimming ponds are covered in sustainable rubber called EPDM liner. As this extremely strong and elastic material contains no toxic substances, heavy metals or plasticisers, it’s a perfect choice for the environment as well. This EPDM liner has a dark grey / blackish colour due to the raw materials from which it is composed. The combination of this colour and material has the extra benefit of absorbing sunlight, increasing the temperature of your water by a few degrees at no extra cost.

Contrary to preformed polyester swimming ponds, you can create literally every pond shape and size you want. You also don’t need to worry about transporting the pond to your location, as it is created onsite.

Natural purification with minimal technological support

The pond pump is the heart of your swimming pond, as the swimming water must be pumped through the plant filter. In a swimming pond, you’re legally obligated to set-up this pump outside of your pond, in a special filter pit. Only low voltage pond pumps are allowed to be placed in swimming ponds. The best place to install it, it in a pump sump.

During really warm periods, it’s hard to fully get rid of green floating algae, which is a natural process that doesn’t influence the quality of your water, as long as the plant filter is working correctly.

Green water can be avoided with a UV-c device, a safe method for destroying floating algae that flow through the water. UV-c light is a completely safe type of radiation. This device is built into the circulation pipe, right after the pump.

Illumination extends your swimming fun into the night

Without illumination, your swimming pond will turn into a dark area in your garden come nightfall. By using energy-efficient recessed LED lighting, you turn your swimming pond into the twinkling centrepiece of your garden after the sun has set.

DIY or rely on an expert?

If you’re a handyman, you can get pretty far by yourself, but building a swimming pond really is an engineering project in which different areas of expertise must come together. Want to be sure that you can enjoy your swimming pond for a long time and entirely safely? You might want to rely on an expert.

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