Floating fountains

A floating fountain is the solution for a deep pond and a pond whose water level fluctuates. A floating fountain is also very suitable for a shallow pond with a very unstable bottom.

AUGA has several floating pond fountains. For each type of pond there is a suitable fountain.

Floating fountain in front of the private pond

Especially for the private pond we have a starting series of floating fountains: AT 15F. This series is suitable for smaller water batches. With this series there is the possibility to choose a wide variety of spray images and heights.

Floating fountains AT 30, AT 45 and AT 60

AT 30, AT 45 and AT 60 are floating fountains where powerful pumps shape massive and elegant fountains with large spray heights and high visualization.

Floating fountains AT 45, AT 60 and AT 80 

AT 45, AT 60 and AT 80: imposing fountains from 10 meters spray height individually adapted and custom made.

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Applications Floating fountains

  • Can be used in deep ponds
  • Can be used in a shallow pond with a very unstable bottom
  • Can be used in ponds with fluctuating water levels
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