AUGA Fountains & Pond Solutions

AUGA comes from the Spanish dialect and means “Water.” A powerful, international name that symbolizes exactly what we are doing!

AUGA offers vast know-how in many facets of water engineering. Fully tailored to meet your needs as our customer, with virtually endless possibilities for flowing water. Products for purifying, flowing, shaping, vitalising, illuminating and constructing your pond or other water structure. We offer quality products of the German brand Messner and our own AUGA label, for all pond solutions and available through our  . AUGA is the expert in designing and manufacturing fountains for ponds, gardens and parks, and offer all filtering and aeration solutions that go with it.

AUGA Fountain & Filter technology

AUGA designs and manufactures installations for fountains, including filter and aeration technology. Our customers in all of Europe entrust us with their needs for both modular installations with standard components and tailored solutions for water projects.

Flowing water is fascinating!

We are experts in shaping water, in keeping it clear and vital and illuminating it as well. For over 35 years, this has been our profession and we take pride in the many unique projects we have designed and built for our European customers.

Areas of expertise

AUGA operates in many aspect of water engineering. We apply our know-how and products for consumers and professional or municipal projects. Together, we create beautiful water projects, but also deliver aerating fountains to combat algae and fish kill. In short: AUGA is a one-stop-shop for ponds, swimming ponds and similar water structures.



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