Clear pond water

If you love your pond, you want it to have clear water. If everything works as it’s supposed to, the pond filter, the plants and the microorganisms work together to process all waste materials, resulting in crystal clear water.

But that doesn’t always happen

Brown or green water is probably not something you’ll be happy about. If this happens, it’s important to determine the cause and find a solution. Coloured water may be caused by small, floating dirt particles and/or the presents of floating algae.

This may happen temporarily and be caused by less favourable weather conditions such as storms or continuous rain, after which the muddy water returns quickly becomes clear again. It might however also have to do with an imbalance in the water quality of your pond, which must then be corrected.

Help nature find its way

To regain clear water, adding more plants to your pond is one great solution, especially floating ones. Add these plants anytime in the growing season, so anywhere between April and August. Using a proper pond filter enables you to filter all dirt from your pond.

Pressure filters are excellent and compact solutions to accomplish this, as they are equipped with an electrically powered cleaning function. Some versions are even fully automated with an app. These filters also have a built-in UV-c device to destroy green floating algae, solving all your problems with a single solution.

To make the water flow through a pond filter, you need a pond pump able to pump polluted pond water, which are equipped with an open impeller and pump coarse particles along with the water to the filter, without clogging the pump.

Crystal clear water is much more appealing and easy to accomplish.

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