Phosphate filters

Natural solution prevents algae growth: phosphate filters from PHOSPAT®

Owners of biological swimming ponds, swimming pools, ponds or water features often have a problem in the summer with excessive algae growth in the pond and the helophyte filter, which is often due to the high content of phosphate in the water in question. The solution is in the phosphate filters.

A completely biologically purified swimming pond or swimming pool is a strongly increasing trend, partly due to warmer and longer summer periods. Understandable, because the traditional chlorine-purified swimming pool no longer always fits the desire for a natural experience of recreational water.

Clear, healthy and natural bathing water is nowadays very well achievable with biological purification systems. This may be supported by technology, so that a biologically purified swimming pool can no longer be distinguished from a traditional swimming pool.

With practically endless construction variations and the combination with natural filtering methods such as aquatic plants, a swimming pond forms a harmonious unity with the garden.

The warm spring days and more extreme summer temperatures with a lot of sunlight can cause related consequences; uncontrolled algae growth caused by too high a phosphate content in the water, which above 0.035 mg / l leads to extra algae growth. This does not only occur with biologically purified water features. It also plays with other water features such as fountain basins, water basins and plays of water.

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Applications Phosphate filters

  • Ponds, biological swimming ponds and swimming pools, (city) fountains and plays of water
  • Biological filter support
  • Suitable for water volumes from 50 to 750 m3
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