Building a wonderful pond as a landscaper? No problem at all!

You want to design a garden that stuns your customers. It’s supposed to be a complete picture, in which a marvellous pond is beautifully integrated.

Of course your customers want to enjoy their clear water structure or swimming pond in all seasons of the year. This requires filter and pump technology.

How familiar are you with the technical aspects of pond technology?

Designing and building ponds is what you specialise in, but the technical aspects of equipment is a whole different chapter. Calculating and aligning pumps, filters and pipework is not your everyday chore, but your design must be technically sound nonetheless. After all, once the pond has been constructed, changing these aspects is hardly possible. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Projects are created together

AUGA is your technology partner. We support you from the drawing boards stage up to final realisation and afterwards, with advice and guidance for every type of water project. We do so with products, systems and solutions we develop and manufacture in-house, which we’ve done for over 30 years. Together we turn your project into a success!

Once your water structure is completed, we’d like to stay involved. Our service team is always at your disposal!

  • Enjoy a clear water structure or swimming pond
  • Projects are created together
  • Advice and support for every type of water project
  • Continued involvement, also after project completion

Want to learn what AUGA can do for Landscapers ?

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