Recessed lighting

Swimming fun into the late evening hours, with LED recessed spotlights from AUGA!

Summer days with long, warm evenings; fully enjoy a swimming paradise in your own garden, who wouldn’t want that?

In the evening, however, a swimming pond turns into a black container in the garden, if it is not illuminated. AUGA has the right LED recessed floodlights for this, which extends the bathing pleasure into the evening hours and turns a dark water bowl into a sparkling water feature.

Not an ordinary LED spot

LED technology has made huge leaps forward in light output and lifespan, provided that high-quality components are used and production takes place meticulously. And that is exactly what we do at AUGA!

All high-end electronic components are produced and assembled with great precision. With this we guarantee constant quality, high light output and a long lifespan.

The housing is made of stainless steel 316 L and can also be used in swimming pool water with chlorine. The interior is completely cast in synthetic resin and tightly sealed, which provides long-term security.

AUGA Spots operate on 24 V direct current (DC)

AUGA has opted for 24 V direct current, to reduce resistance and heat development in power cables by 50% compared to 12 V. Therefore, more spots can be connected to one main cable and the cable length can be much longer than in comparable situations with 12 V spots. Safe and better!

Plan your project with lighting

Recessed lighting is sometimes a final factor in a project, which is a shame, because retrofitting is a lot more difficult, after all, light provides so much added value.

Our tip: pre-assemble the feed-throughs for the desired spots, so that installation can be done at any time, which saves a lot of extra work. The swimming pond owner will appreciate that!

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Applications Recessed lighting

  • Accent lighting in walls of foil ponds
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