An aerator provides sufficient oxygen in the water and helps, for example, to reduce harmful gases in the water. With an aeration pump you immediately optimize the water quality of a pond and other larger water features. At AUGA you will find different aerators for a wide range of water features

Pond aerator AirFlow 25F

Small, compact pond aerator, force of movement with the enrichment of oxygen in the water.

Pond aerator floating or fixed setup AirFlow

Pond aerator that combines force of movement with the enrichment of oxygen in the water for medium water features

Aerator Floating Mega AirFlow

Powerful propeller pump with a huge capacity, combined with oxygen injection for larger water feature projects.

Aerator and mixer floating or fixed setup MegaFlow Combi

Combination systems of mixer and aerator for large-scale water projects.

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Applications Aerators

  • Oxygen enrichment
  • Soil improvement
  • Ice freeholder
  • Circulation
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