An aerator provides a huge increase in oxygen in the water and reduces harmful gases. With an aeration pump you immediately optimize the water quality of a pond and other larger water features. At AUGA you will find various aerators for a wide range of water features.

Floating or fixed pond aerator

The AirFlow is the right choice for medium-sized water features. The propeller pump combines the power of movement with the enrichment of oxygen in the water. The AirFlow is available in a floating and fixed version.

Aerator Mega AirFlow: a real powerhouse

The powerful Mega AirFlow propeller pump delivers an enormous capacity. In combination with oxygen injection, this aerator is ideal for use in larger water projects.





MegaFlow Combi: an aerator and mixer in one

The MegaFlow Combi is ideal for aeration and movement in large-scale water projects. This combination system of a MegaFlow mixer and an AirFlow aerator – assembled as a compact unit – ensures optimal aeration and movement of large amounts of water.

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Applications Aerators

  • Oxygen enrichment
  • Soil improvement
  • Ice freeholder
  • Circulation
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