Multiple chamber filters Center Vortex

Biological / mechanical polyester multi-chamber filters, still one of the best and most efficient methods to realize clear water

This new generation of professional multi chamber filter systems for natural clear water are suitable for small to medium (swimming) ponds and ponds with a large fish stock. They are built very efficiently and logically mechanically and biologically.

This traditional filter principle is simple but extremely effective, because mechanical and biological purification are combined in a single system. Maintenance consists of periodically opening the dirt drainage tap and cleaning the filter brushes in chamber 2.

Raw water from the pond first reaches the central vortex chamber and flows through to the next chamber via the overflow pipe.

The Upflow principle means that water is pushed up through each room, dirt remains in the settling chamber, which can be individually relieved with the waste tap. The different filter processes ensure excellent water purification.



  • Mechanically and biologically very efficient purification
  • 4 chambers with filter filling
  • Upflow system
  • Easy cleaning
  • 10-year warranty
  • Gravity and pump-fed configuration
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