Amsterdam even more colorful with illuminated fountains

15 Feb 2021

Local residents from the Slotermeer Noordoost district were allowed to submit ideas to the municipality of Amsterdam, which would be a nice addition to the district. A budget was available to make the neighborhood more attractive and that resulted in the Freedom Fountain at Square ’40 -’45.

For and by the neighborhood

To make the project truly for and for the neighborhood, all local residents are involved in the design process. With a survey and a video call they could choose their own favorite design.

The majority chose 3 smaller instead of 1 large fountain; these became the chalice fountains of AUGA. These fountains are pre-programmed and therefore always change in color and image. With a single fountain, the dynamic effect is of course a lot smaller.

Fountains as a symbol of freedom

The municipality has also asked the neighborhood what freedom meant to them. This resulted in special conversations. “The fountains are an expression of the importance of freedom in which we live and to be who we want to be, to say what we want to say,” said the district. A very fitting connection to the charged history of Square 40 -45.

Choosing the right fountain

There is more to using fountains in a canal than you might think. The water is often not always clean. We therefore used V-Flow aeration fountains for this project. They are not very sensitive to dirt, provide a voluminous fountain image and provide extra aeration of the canal water.

By using LED RGBW lighting, we provide a durable and sparkling solution to put the fountains in the most beautiful light. This emphasizes the nostalgic atmosphere of the city center.

The result:

A beautiful and dynamic play of water and light, chosen by and for the neighborhood and an expression of life in freedom.

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