AquaTec equipment pit with sieve filter-B series

Fully assembled equipment pit (B series) with sieve filter, UV-C clarifier and high-efficiency pum as pre-purification for filter systems and plant filters.


AquaTec B 30

with sieve filter  BZ 30, 1 x VarioFlow® E-30 pump and 1 x VarioClean® Pro-X 285

AquaTec B 45

with sieve filter  BZ 45, 2x VarioFlow® E-20 pump and 2x VarioClean® Pro-X 190

  • Mechanical pre-purification system
  • Electronically adjustable high-efficiency pumps
  • UV-c VarioClean® Pro-X unit with 2 or 3 UV-C lamps
  • Pre-purification of biological filter systems
  • Pre-purification of helophyte filters
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