Filter pit empty

The polyester filter pit is ideal for connecting bottom drains and / or skimmers and for setting up the pump when building ponds

When designing and building a pond or swimming pond, it is possible to include a filter pit. This polyester pumppit is particularly useful for placing the pond pump in a wet or dry setup. The filter pit can be filled with Matala filter mats as a pre-filter and is also ideal for connecting skimmers and bottom drains. The pits have been reinforced, however, building regulations must be observed to prevent the pit from being pushed up or down by high groundwater. Pits are standard equipped with a curved lid, this prevents rainwater from remaining on the lid and flowing in.

Other information:
Available in small (81×62.5×76), medium (119x79x80) and large (165x91x100) format (LxWxH)

  • Made of sturdy polyester
  • Delivery including lid
  • Reinforced walls
  • Completely dig in
  • Observe architectural facilities
  • swimming pond
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