VarioLat plastic pond edge and finishing paths and borders

Construction of ponds, finishing garden paths and borders

With VarioPic, VarioLat offers a perfect solution for a neatly finished pond edge, is nice level and shows as little foil as possible that is visible. This can be achieved by using VarioLat drilling. These are flexible and ideal for rolling shapes. For curved pond shapes, the VarioLatten are available on rolls of 25 m.

VarioLats are attached by means of massive VarioPic poles. These are easy to hit in the ground and guarantee high stability.

Also the afting of a border or garden path with pebble, split, bark, shells etc. can be finished with VarioLatten in a nice way.

Available on rolls of 25 mtr in heights of 14 and 19 cm (grey and black).

  • Manufactured from recycled plastic
  • Smooth finish, so no risk of cuts
  • Very pliable
  • Rot resistant, long lifespan
  • Suitable for pond edges, garden paths and borders
  • Construction of a pond with rolling shapes
  • Construction of garden paths and borders
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