Down flow helofyte filter system

Helofyte filter system “Down-Flow” DFS 20. Complete plant filter set for swimming ponds. Unfiltered water flows over the pond overflow into the helophyte filter, where the dirt sinks. The low-voltage pump in the equipment pit draws the purified water through a perforated drainage hose connected to a drain collector, and then returns the water to the swimming pond.

Scope of delivery:
• Drain collector, 100 x 40 cm, with 8 x 50 mm connections.
• Drain collector cover.
• low-voltage pump VarioFlow® LV 20.
• 1 x 50 m roll of drainage hose.
• 8 x sleeves for 50 mm drainage hose.
• Couplings.

Quantities, diameters and lengths vary per project.

Tip: Mount a UV-C carifier in the return pipe to obtain really crystal-clear water



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