Drum sieves

Drum sieve are is automatic cleaning filter systems with a large filtration capacity for mechanical purification of water in basins, (koi) ponds and swimming ponds

Drum sieves are extremely efficient, mechanical cleaning filter systems with a wide scope of application. The sieve lining and flushing channel are automati- cally cleaned when the sieve filter becomes dirty and reduces the flow. During a flushing cycle the flushing pump and motor of the drum are activated and stop when the cleaning cycle has been completed.

Flushing water containing dirt is discharged to the sewer or garden via the channel. The pond loses a little water after each cleaning cycle, which means the level may fall over time. Automatic water replenishment with level measurement is recommended, to prevent a low water level, with the risk of pumps and the filter running dry.

  • PP housing
  • Built-in drum filter
  • Sieve lining 100 Mu, other mesh widths possible
  • Level detection for operating the cleaning system
  • System stop when the cover is opened and in the case of a low water level
  • Plastic cover with window
  • Deceleration motor for powering the drum
  • Gravity set-up, as a pre-filter for biological filters
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