Sieve filter

Sieve filter: a mechanical pre-filter, the first step in the filtering process for clear water in ponds, swimming ponds and other water projects

A sieve filter is a filter system that significantly reduces the load and maintenance of a biological system. The coarse particles such as leaves and food remains are separated by a stainless steel sieve. This is important to keep the load on the biological filter media as low as possible. After passing through the sieve, the water is further transported through a collection tank by means of a pump. The water is usually sent to a biological filter or a swamp bed. On top of the filter there is a movable valve that can interrupt the water supply when you want to clean the arc sieve. This way you can flush the dirt out of the system with minimal water loss. For this there is an extra drain that can also be connected to the sewer or dumping pit.

Other information:
Including cover

  • PP housing
  • Sieve filter in stainless steel 304.
  • Pump fed and gravity arrangement of the sieve filter is possible
  • Screen passage 300 and 200 microns
  • Belasting en onderhoud van een biologisch systeem wordt aanzienlijk verminderd
  • Gravity set-up, as a pre-filter for biological filters
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