PHOSPAT® phosphate filters

To combat algae growth, phosphate levels must be kept under control. A PHOSPAT® phosphate filter is an excellent, natural solution for biological swimming ponds and pools and all other mentioned water features, which eliminates the need to add chlorine or other chemicals to control algae.

The heart of the PHOSPAT® cartridge consists of the phosphate binder Phoslamin, which has been specially developed for the aforementioned ponds and water features.

PHOSPAT® works by combining 2 phosphate binders, which reduce phosphate levels to the critical value of 0.035 mg/l. and takes the substances that feed algae out of the water.

Other plus points for using PHOSPAT® are a short reaction time, no residues in the water. Moreover, PHOSPAT® works independently of the pH and oxygen content of the water.

  • Reduces phosphate in the water and supports the biological filter
  • High absorption capacity of PO4/3
  • Standardised connections
  • Protect PHOSPAT® from fouling with a PHOSPAT® Secure pre-filter
  • Ponds, organic swimming ponds and pools, (urban) fountains and water gamesVijvers, biologische zwemvijvers en zwembaden, (stads)fonteinen en waterspelen.
  • Suitable for various water volumes from 50 to 750 m³ and combinable for larger water volumes
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