VarioPress pressure filter

Our starter series VarioPress® with manual cleaning system for purifying smaller water features that are not heavily loaded by fish, such as ornamental ponds and mirror ponds

Complete system for clear water in the smaller private pond. These pressure filters are very easy to install and camouflage and can be buried almost entirely. At the exit there is still enough pressure so that the water that comes out of the filter can also be led to a higher waterfall. They are also equipped with a powerful, integrated UV-c that removes floating algae and bacteria from the pond water. Cleaning the filter material is extremely simple and takes place without opening the filter, the dirt is transported to the garden or sewer via a by-pass connection. The VarioPress® is available in types 7000 and 14000 (only with UV-c). Model 7000 comes with a filter sponge package. Model 14000 comes with a filter sponge package and bioballs.

  • Smaller water features
  • Ornamental ponds
  • Mirror ponds
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