VarioPress Pro-E pressure filter

The VarioPress® Pro-E pressure filter series has a large filter package, cleaning is done by the electrically driven AUTO-CLEAN system, which starts when the cleaning lever is converted. With the VarioPress® Pro-E pressure filters (depending on type), ponds up to 75 m3 of content can be purified. The built-in UV-c lamp can be set to burning hours as desired with the built-in timer set to 24-12-0 hours.



VarioPress® Pro E-15

VarioPress® Pro E-25

VarioPress® Pro E-35

VarioPress® Pro E-55

VarioPress® Pro E-70

The benefits of pressure filters have already been proven in practice. The completely closed filter is compact and can be placed almost anywhere, even under the water mirror next to the pond. The filter can be partially buried or placed in an engineering well.

  • Double-acting filtration technology with filter pad package and bio-filter material
  • Mechanical and biological purification
  • Built-in UV-c lamp with timer setting
  • AUTO-CLEAN, electrically driven cleaning system
  • Protection class IP 67, maximum protection against moisture
  • Extremely easy to open and maintain periodically
  • Acoustic signal during cleaning and after cleaning
  • 5 meter power cable
  • 3-year warranty in accordance with the terms and conditions
  • Larger water features
  • Mirror ponds
  • Ornamental ponds
  • Swimming ponds
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