Skimmer filter

Skimmer filter is a skimmer combined with a pre-filter for placement outside the pond. A complete system in which technology is hidden from all view

80% of the pollution in the pond comes from outside: leaves, pollen, seeds … It is advisable to remove as much of the floating debris as possible to avoid sedimentation and eventually cloudy water. This can be done in an efficient and practical way by a continuously operating skimmer. With skimmers, up to 85% of the surface dirt can be removed before it sinks to the bottom and starts to decompose. Skimming therefore means avoiding pollution. This Skimmer filter will simultaneously skim, mechanically filter (via Matala mats) and biologically purify (thanks to beneficial bacteria that settle on the Matala mats).

Other information:
Front grille optional, prevents fish from entering the skimmer
Incl. skimmer net for collecting coarse dirt and Matala filter mat

  • Suitable for foil basins
  • Pond surround can be installed continuously
  • Skimmer neck runs under the rim
  • Build-in pond pump possible (up to 10 m3 / h)
  • Extendable skimmer neck
  • Set up outside the pond
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