Wall skimmer

Wall skimmer 200 is a skimmer that is suitable for mounting on the outside of foil basins to capture the largest surface dirt in ponds

A wall skimmer is the most aesthetic skimmer that can be installed next to the pond. These are also the most practical in terms of maintenance. Installation is easy. An opening is made in the pond liner. The edge of the foil is pressed between the skimmer mouth and a flange so that it is completely waterproof again. With the included skimmer neck, pond borders can continue uninterrupted.

Other information:
Additional grid optional, prevents fish from ending up in wall skimmer.

  • Aesthetic skimmer
  • Pond surround can be installed continuously
  • Skimmer neck runs under the rim
  • Extendable skimmer neck
  • Optional: extension neck and spacing grid to prevent fish from ending up in skimmer
  • Foil basins
  • Aesthetic skimmer
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