VarioClean Pro-X UV-c clarifiers

VarioClean® Pro-X UV-c clarifiers with large flow capacities are used to eliminate suspended algae and intensively combat micro- organisms that can affect the health of humans and animals if they are found in excessive amounts.

For clear water usually combined with a filter.

VarioClean® PRO-X UV-c systems are the real top in the field of water treatment with UV rays. These professional devices are designed for drinking water treatment. Now they are available to the discerning enthusiasts for koi ponds and swimming ponds. Advantages: solid stainless steel housing (reflection of beams), rainwater and splash water tight (free installation), vertical installation (higher efficiency due to less pollution).

UV-c light (radiation) is the proven weapon against algae and other micro-organisms in ponds or swimming ponds. The PLL H-O lamps used emit UV-c radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm, which is the optimal wavelength for sterilizing or killing algae and many micro-organisms. Available in 2x60W, 2x95W and 3x95W.

  • Thick-walled housing in stainless steel 316L
  • Minimum flow losses
  • Lamp can be removed without system stop
  • Electronic transformer, protected against over/under voltage
  • PLL H-O lamps,Lightec 9,000 burning hours
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