VarioClean-S UV-c clarifiers

VarioClean®-S UV-c: efficient destruction of algae and other harmful micro-organisms in water features.

From cloudy to clear water in combination with a filter

Water, that runs in spiral form around the UV-c lamp (for longer contact time) is pre-purified with the radiation from the lamp. To make optimum use of the effect of the lamp, it’s important to maintain the recommended flow capacity and to install the device in combination with a pond filter.


VarioClean® S-18 with a 3.000 l/h capacity and 18W lamp power

VarioClean® S-36 with a 6.000 l/h capacity and 36W lamp power

  • Mounted transformer with lamp holder, quick-coupling system
  • Fully encapsulated transformer
  • UV-c lamp removable without system stop
  • Reflective inner wall for improved reflection of radiation
  • Plastic parts made from ASA material
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting possible
  • Destroys green floating algae
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