Water play element Versailles

The Versailles water play element, with its four constantly changing fountain patterns is a beautiful water d├ęcor, suitable for shallow water basins with clean water.

The integrated pump and automatic alternator produce a constantly changing fountain pattern. The speed of the alternating portrait can be adjusted, and the fountain height and diameter can also be configured.

The unit is all-inclusive and can be positioned in a water basin and levelled using the adjustment screw on the underside.

The integrated halogen lighting creates a lovely atmosphere during evening hours and can be intensified with the coloured discs supplied.

  • Integrated pump
  • Power-Tec2 14000 230 V/50 Hz voltage
  • Transformer 230/12 V for lighting
  • 10-metre power cable for pump and lighting
  • Pump power consumption 280 W
  • Lighting power consumption 150 W
  • Basins with purified water, diameter min. 2.50 m.
  • Required water depth 22 > 24 cm.
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