Fixed fountain AT 15 S

AT15 S fixed fountain is the starter series of fountains for the private pond

For shallow water basins and ponds (from 40 cm water depth on a stable bottom), fixed fountain sets are the best choice. Levelling with 3 levelling feet on the base plate is very easy. With these fountain sets there are many choices of different fountain forms which are not suitable for floating fountains such as full-jet and foam jets, because single-jet fountains can move with floating fountains.

LED Lighting optional (warm-white or RGBW).



AT 15 SV            Fixed model with volcano nozzle

AT 15 SC            Fixed model with cluster nozzle

AT 15 SS            Fixed model with foam nozzle

AT 15 SW           Fixed model with water bell


  • Large stainless steel suction basket for reduced cleaning intervals pump and fountain head
  • High stability
  • Fountains suitable for all types of fountain heads
  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Smaller water features
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