iDX LED recessed lighting

iDX recessed floodlights are not equipped with the wide cover flange of the WDX series that covers the full wall duct.
The new built-in Cree® COB LED chip generates high light output. The compact design reduces the purchase price.


iDX 6

iDX 15

iDX 50


A complete package of electrical components is available for the connection of iDX floodlights


Build in iDX 6 with wall duct set WDM 50

Build in iDX 15 with 50 mm wall duct and cable sealer

Build in iDX 50 with 110 mm wall duct and cable seale


  • High power COB LED, manufacturer Cree®
  • Solid 316 L stainless-steel housing
  • Cast-in cable connection, prevents penetration of moisture
  • 24 V-DC voltage with built-in pole changing protection
  • High light output
  • Dimmable (with optional LED dimmer)
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