WDM 50 Wall duct

WDM 50 Wall duct system for liner ponds is a multifunctional wall duct system, suitable for mounting in all types of foil basins and additional applications

Both floodlights are suitable for installation into the WDM 50 wall duct. Assembly and disassembly is extremely easy with this system. To connect multiple floodlights it is important to use good quality, watertight cable connectors, to prevent any water penetrating the cable. Use the correct cable diameter to avoid power losses and overheating.

An extensive program with cable ducts and transformers offers the possibility to tailor a lighting concept to individual requirements. The supplied cable sealer is mounted in a PVC tube to waterproof electric cables through a water basin. The rubber seal clamps tube and cable by means of tightening the stainless steel pressure plates.


  • Multi-purpose wall throughput
  • Incl. outflow with ball joint
  • Incl. 2 power cable sealers type 6 and 10
  • ABS flow material, glue-able
  • Bayonet fitting
  • Stainless steel pressure plates with stainless steel Allen screws including key
  • Perfect sealing
  • Easy to apply
  • Assembly in all types of liner basins
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