Power S transformer

Transformers Power S series, for 12 V AC floodlights

The series of Power S transformers for floodlights 12V AC are immersive. The trafo can enter the water and no long cable is required, causing voltage loss.

We do not recommend conveying low voltage over long cable lengths for greater capacities. It is better to install the transformer
close to the source of light to ensure that the 12 V route is kept as short as possible.

Other information::

Available from 100W up to 400W

  • Suitable for use above and below water (protection class IP68)
  • Completely watertight, submersible depth up to 1 metre
  • 20-metre power cable, 230 V, 1.5 metre 12 V
  • Low to no voltage loss
  • Suitable for pond lighting
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