Messner MultiSystem M pond pump

Messner MultiSystem M pond pumps with great water power and large dirt flow

Versatile and solid pump technology with large capacities for water projects

These pond pumps are indispensable for building a large waterfall or brooks and for circulating water in a swimming pond. Messner MultiSystem M pond pumps have a dirt passage of 8 mm due the detachabele front and rear pre-filter caps and open impeller.



Messner MultiSystem M 20000             (21,500 liters)

Messner MultiSystem M 26000             (26,100 liters)

Messner MultiSystem M 33000             (32,500 liters)

Messner MultiSystem M 40000             (38,700 liters)

  • M series with open impeller suitable as a dirty-water pump
  • Protection against overload by built-in thermal switch
  • Capacity adjustable with AUGA VarioTronic speed controller
  • Very low noise level when operational
  • Quality product from Germany
  • Large filter systems, waterfalls, brooks and fountains
  • Circulation pump for technical installations
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