Messner MultiSystem MP pond pump

Messner MultiSystem MP pond pumps with great hydropower and high head

Versatile and solid pump technology with large capacities for water projects

These are specific clean water pumps with built-in filter cartridge. The closed impeller gives a high delivery pressure for creating high fountains and water engineering projects.



Messner MultiSystem MP 21000             (23,400 liters)

Messner MultiSystem MP 35000            (34,500 liters)

  • High pressure through hydraulically optimized impeller
  • Elevations up to 11 meters for large fountains
  • Capacity adjustable with AUGA VarioTronic speed controller
  • Certified for use with swimming ponds
  • Versatile and robust pump technology
  • Quality product from Germany
  • Large capacities for water projects
  • Fountains and water works
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