VarioFlow-E pond pump

VarioFlow® E pond pumps with PM motor technology and frequency converter

Energy-efficient pond pumps, with frequency converter for stepless capacity adjustment according to individual needs.

The motor technology used corresponds to the AquaFlow® E pumps. However, the VarioFlow® E-series is fully adjustable in capacity, the energy consumption adapts to the set capacity. This means that a VarioFlow® E pump can be precisely matched to the capacity requirement, the energy saving that is achieved with this is a direct saving on energy costs.

The VarioFlow® E pumps are fully adjustable electronically in terms of capacity in steps of 1 to 100% using the supplied control panel. Power consumption decreases when the capacity
is lowered, once the speed of the motor is reduced. The digital display shows power consumption and the configured percentage. After a power cut the pump restarts at the configured position, due to the built-in memory.

Other information:

VarioFlow® E pump with basket for wet installation

VarioFlow® E pump without basket for dry installation


VarioFlow® E-10          (9,800 liters)

VarioFlow® E-20         (22,000 liters)

VarioFlow® E-30         (29,500 liters)

  • High-efficiency PM motor
  • 6-Pole, high-torque motor
  • Control panel for continuously variable capacity adjustment
  • Connection plug between the pump and control panel.
  • Power consumption and use percentage are displayed digitally
  • Dry and wet installation with fully rotatable motor / pressure connection
  • Solid handling of pump strainer Ø 8 mm.
  • Solid handling of open impeller in VarioFlow E-10: Ø 12 mm.
  • Solid handling of open impeller in VarioFlow E-20 and E-30: Ø 16 mm.
  • Built-in microprocessor monitors motor management
  • Display of error codes for: overvoltage, undervoltage, low water/running dry, phase fault, pump blockage, overload
  • Filter pump for ponds and koi ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Watercourses
  • Circulation
  • Water artworks
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