Messner Eco-Tec2 Plus pond pump

Messner Eco-Tec2 Plus pond pumps, top technology made in Germany, ideal for filter and overflow systems with low delivery heights

Identical to the Eco-X2 Plus series, with the same features. However, they do not have an external filter housing, but a mounting base so that they are very suitable for dry installation outside the pond. If desired, these pumps can be equipped with a pre-filter. They are also certified for use with swimming ponds.



Messner Eco-Tec2 Plus 10000         (9,900 liters)

Messner Eco-Tec2 Plus 15000         (14,700 liters)

Messner Eco-Tec2 Plus 20000        (20,000 liters)

Messner Eco-Tec2 Plus 25000        (24,200 liters)

  • Energy saving, atented impeller
  • Protection against overload by thermal switch
  • Capacity adjustable with Vivaria VarioTronic speed controller
  • Dry installation next to the pond, but below water level
  • TüV certified for use in swimming ponds
  • For filter and overflow systems with low delivery heights
  • Circulation pumps for helophyte filters
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